Paolo Beltramo sees Pecco Bagnaia favored and a Marc Marquez always fighting for the podium

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The’opinion of Paolo Beltramo

"I expect Marc Marquez to play it for the podium practically all the time". Paolo Beltramo, on the sidelines of Sky Sport’s presentation of the motorsport season, with è dwelt on the biggest news ever that will characterize the 2024 MotoGp World Championship: the Spaniard in Ducati.

"In the long run, the difference between the 2024 bike and the 2023 bike will be felt; maybe a bit’ more, forò there will be; on Marc Marquez. We also saw last year that great things were done even with the more seasoned bikes. Marc will be ableà to give great satisfaction to his fans and anger (laughs, ed.) the Italians" added the journalist, a great expert on motorcycling.

"Bagnaia? Winning è difficult and continue to win it è even more so, with all this competition, then… Però Pecco è good, è improved again and will beà the one to beat, in my opinion. He’s aware of his own means, I see him more relaxed, è he’s master of the situation and he’s coming from a year in which he’s handled very well the most complicated moments" concluded Beltramo.

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