Vicky Piria will narrate Formula 1 for Sky Sports: ‘I’m already feeling the adrenaline’

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Vicky Piria ready for new TV experience

The F1 World Cup kicks off and for Sky Sport Davide Camicioli and newcomer Vicky Piria will be the new presenters from the paddock and in the studio in the pre- and post-race, to introduce fans to the hot topics of the weekend, meeting drivers, team managers, guests and key figures of the Circus.

Vicky Piria: "In F1 so many stories to tell"

On the sidelines of the presentation of the motor season, spoke with Vicky, a young driver who already has a significant career behind her, from karts to the monoposto, from the GT to the experience as the only Italian in the world selected for the WSeries.

"I’m ready for this new experience – told the Sky voice -: I’m already starting to feel the adrenaline, as if I should be the one to go racing. In Formula 1, even in the current one, there are many stories to tell and there’è nothing you can take for granted".

"A lot of people are saying that Max Verstappen will still win the world championship and it probably will be soì. But Formula 1 is not è only who comes first, there will be so many battles, even from second position onwards. There will be so many surprises and then it should not be forgotten that from the point of view of regulations 2024 è a year of transition".

"Women in Formula 1? It canò be done"

"The world of Formula 1 never stands still and represents true excellence. I will also tryò to be excellent in telling the story (laughs, ed.). I will bringò my experience as a driver: I also have the good fortune to be of the same generation as the drivers competing now, I will also be ableò to tell about how I have seen them grow over the years".

"Women in Formula 1 have already been there and have therefore shown that it canò be done, I am a great believer in it: there will still be a wait but the opportunities are growing for us as well. Motorsport è a way of life, I advise all girls to cultivate this wonderful passion as I am doing myself".

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