F1, Stefano Domenicali gives valuable advice to Ferrari

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Formula One Group’s ad has confidence in Rossa

A new F1 season is about to begin. At the helm is Domenicali, who is doing so well as number one in the circus. Formula One is constantly growing. Everyone is doing their part, including Ferrari, which is called to a starring season.

” The bar has been raised but I am convinced it will be a protagonist…. President Elkann has brought about a change in leadership (Vasseur in place of Binotto, ed.) and this requires an emotional boost,” Domenicali’s words to Corriere dello Sport.

A joke also on the Leclerc-Sainz pairing and the question of whether or not it is necessary to decide on a first driver as in Red Bull for example: “Today the competitive level is so high that a team must have clear rules to maximize points. Then with my cap I’m okay with everything: the more they fight, the better.”

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