Lecce, Luca Gotti reveals a backstory on his contract

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Lecce: Luca Gotti’s first words as a Giallorossi

New Lecce coach Luca Gotti gave his first words as a Giallorossi player in a press conference: "The salvation struggle è compelling. There will be 10 games all important, including the one on Saturday. è the beauty of this sport. For me è the first sub with so few games, 10: there's a short term, so things have to be weighted differently. The most important thing è not to do damage (laughs, ed.)".

He then revealed a backstory about his contract: "Someone talked about discussions, in reality; è the exact opposite happened. I told Corvino that I am not coming here for the contract. There are 10 games, then if we like it; we are together. Instead, Corvino insisted on making a nice contract. These are nice aspects that I like to tell".

"I found an electric group, definitely not turned off – added the former Spezia coach – The events have shaken the group. This morning I saw a lively team. The 3-man defense accompanied me in A for what I thought were the groups available. There are 10 games here, I don’t think it would be wise to come up with conceptual twists. Let’s keep all the good and fix the things that didn’t work. I did the 4-3-3 as Donadoni’s deputy for many years".

On salvation: "If I were a first-timer, I would respond with a straight answer. You don’t have to smash everything. The reality;è è that you have to be calm. There'è a horizon of 10 very important games. Whoever stays more calm will get to the bottom. Let&#39s not look at what others are doing, there are too many of them, the salvation struggle è changed".

"Allow me 30 seconds about D'Aversa. I know him well, I had him as a player many years ago. Besides being a personality guy, è he is a person with a brain that works. What è happened on Sunday è was the result of frustration. I assure that è a person with a brain that works very well" commented Gotti on D'Aversa.

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