World Cup, Federica Brignone with no regrets

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The words of Federica Brignone

Federica Brignone gave a long interview to Radio Sportiva. "I am annoyed that it is ending. I would like it to continue a little bit more’. It’ s been a super season,” she stressed, “I’ ve always been fine. It’ all went great. There were ups and downs. But the lows were never super lows. Score-wise è it was my best season. Then of course the Lara Gut Behrami è was simply better than me. But I had a great season".

So he recounted his last victory in Saalbach: "It had never happened to me, a podium had happened to me. On this lap I was in danger of finishing in a lion skin instead of getting to the finish line. Right now I am also skiing well in the race, this è the most important thing to do. I had started well, then I slipped in the first run. I didn’t think I was in front. In the second one I was tense, stressed. I started, I still managed to ski my way. And lì I slipped off, I donì t know how I did it. I told myself it was gone but I was still inside. Instead of stressing myself I just tried to recover, to ski well. I didn’t think I was in front. I didn’t have that much of a lead. When I got there and I was first I didn" believe it.

"This year the injuries were in the same percentage as other years. Sofia Goggia è got really hurt, Shiffrin è got nothing. It matters how long you stay out" she added on the safety chapter in skiing.

"I like sports statistics, I am a’fan in general. Forò about me I really achieved a lot more than I ever dreamed of as a child. Every time è a surprise for me as well. Even winning a race every time è a surprise, a dream, a beauty. Every time I wonder if it will still be possible to win. The beautiful thing è that I enjoy what I do, I am motivated. A challenge to put myself on the line, it has always given me adrenaline, it makes me feel alive. I would like to go back to 20 years old but with the experience and awareness of today. Going back to 20 years would not be bad".

"Nickname that è originated from my coach, we used to train in the tigers den. They then turned it on me because of my attitude. I don’t know what the tiger’s attitude is but it gives the idea. An’animal I really like, on the helmet it fits us well" Brignone commented on his nickname.

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