Bortolo Mutti expects a signal from both Napoli and Atalanta

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Bortolo Mutti Speaks

At Radio Goal, live on Kiss Kiss Napoli, Bortolo Mutti è dwelt on the upcoming championship match between Napoli and Atalanta: "Atalanta has its own way of posing, è a complicated team to face and è dangerous for its individualitiesè that are able to break the game. It's a good Atalanta". 

"The three-man defense gives you solidity, but against certain players like Politano and Raspadori the arms could go in trouble; – added the seasoned coach -. Atalanta often suffers this tactical solution, but it is all in the team game. Atalanta has regained its defensive solidity, now è a compact team with a quality midfield. Up front it has quality solutions, Koopmeiners" should also recover. 

"If Napoli beats Atalanta it would give an important signal to their competitors, just as Atalanta would if they beat Napoli. Now the Bergamaschi have a remarkable tour de force between the Europa League and Coppa Italia and could leave a few points in the league" Mutti’s conclusion.

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