“The Derby Game,” the third installment of the “Di Canio Premier Special”

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"The Derby Game", the third installment of the "Di Canio Premier Special"

Third seasonal installment of the “Di Canio Premier Special”, to enter the world of the Premier League among stories, analysis, anecdotes and historical protagonists. The title says it all: “The Derby Game”. It talks about city and regional rivalries, starting with why we use the word ‘derby’ to identify a challenge between clubs from the same city or region.

Paolo Di Canio moves from very interesting personal accounts, echoing his experiences as a footballer and coach in the challenges of Glasgow, Newcastle and London, to illustrating the different characteristics of each derby: from religious to commercial or geographical. An overview from Manchester to Norwich, from Sunderland to Liverpool, a tour of England through its most heartfelt and fascinating rivalries.

“Di Canio Premier Special – The Derby Game” airing from tomorrow, Friday, March 29, at 7:30 p.m. and 10 p.m. on Sky Sports One and streaming on NOW.

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