Allianz Milan, Agustin Loser knows where to step in.

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Agustin Loser: "We need to play a little bit more as a team"

Allianz Milano, coming off a loss in game 1 of the SuperLega semifinals against Sir Susa Vim Perugia, will have the opportunity to tie the series in front of the friendly crowd at Allianz Cloud on Wednesday, April 3, with first serve scheduled at 8:30 p.m. The club’s official channels were told by center fielder Agustin Loser, who explained where to take action to lengthen the series.

"We know that they are strong at the wall and batting,” explained the Argentine, “in my opinion we have to think about holding these things a little more, and we have to make fewer mistakes on serve because in the first and second sets we made several errors from nine meters. Lì we have to play a little bit more as a team from this point of view, of tactics, of variations becauseé they also suffer and we are very good at wall and defense and then forward, we are a team that does not give up and we have to continue like this, becauseé game 2 we can win it".

Returning to the knockout in game 1, Loser then said: "È it was a very difficult game, playing at PalaBarton è always complicated, then in my opinion in the first set we were not able to express ourselves as we know, they batted very hard, we were not able to keep the ball, to play high balls. Then from the second set we did much better: a characteristic of our team è that we never give up, in my opinion, and we proved it in this match as well, we were always theì forò from the next match we have to approach a little better from the beginning of the challenge, from the first point, becauseé against Perugia you can" give nothing away.

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