Trento European champion, Fabio Soli to “Wonderful season”

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After the success in Europe, in the Trento household there'è only room for joy.

Itas Trentino is European champion after a clear 3-0 win over the Poles of Jastrzebski in the Champions League final played in Antalya. A splendid 25-20, 25-22, 25-21 in the last act of the competition, giving the fourth triumph in the history of the club, the first Italian to win the trophy six years after Civitanova. And, speaking exclusively to the microphones of, coach Fabio Soli has only words of great joy after his team’s success.

In fact, Coach Soli explained to that he considers Trento's season all but bewitched: "Our season è been wonderful, but at a certain point it è got complicated. These complications we were able to cope with, spending everything we had at the time. And thanks also to what we did at that time we were able to get here".

Soli then reviewed the keys to such a triumphant end to the season for Trento: "We gathered our strength, thanks to the medical staff we recovered the players who were injured and we were able to express ourselves again at our levels at the most important moment. When you get to a Champions final to face each other are always two great teams. We today were on the ball and serene ball on ball. And è just what we had been missing a little bit lately. We were able to do it also thanks to the return of everyone, so a huge applause from me goes to the boys".

In the Itas household now there is no thought of the failure to win the championship. "There'è no regrets, because" in the conditions we were in we came within 2 points of the final Scudetto game-5. So, if we look back at that period, we simply have to thank all the guys for what they did", Soli concluded.

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