Enea Bastianini waits for Ducati, but talks to Aprilia: the revelation

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The future è still to be defined.

Enea Bastianini is enjoying a good start to the season riding the factory team’s factory Ducati. However, his place è highly coveted ahead of the next MotoGP season, with Jorge Martin in the front line for the role of Pecco Bagnaia’s next partner but also Marc Marquez who è overbearingly candidate for the same position. In the meantime, therefore, it was his manager Carlo Pernat who took stock of his future.

"In Ducati they will probably decide after the Mugello Grand Prix. This wait forò is blocking everyone,” Pernat admitted.

There are different options, in KTM, Aprilia, Yamaha. No one però wants to propose contracts for Bastianini, since è everything is still standing still. Maybe però someone moves to snatch agreements even if only by voice".

In that sense Pernat admitted that something for Bastianini already è moved: "Aprilia has important aspects, I do not hide it. They have a competitive bike, plus we would keep the coupling between rider and house both Italians. With them I am negotiating, as well as with others. But, however it goes, Enea canà find a place in an official team".

For the pilot, howeverò the priority does not seem this. "He would like to stay in Ducati and in the official team. Everything else will be seen;. Then è clear, if they chose Martin things would change, and I think they would propose to Enea to stay with the official bike in a satellite team. I understand them, they have three very strong riders. And if they are postponing the decision è becauseé they still have confidence in Bastianini. We però meanwhile are ahead in negotiations with Aprilia and KTM, and there'è also an open discussion with Yamaha", concluded Pernat.

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