F1, Ferrari: Charles Leclerc sees the glass half full

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Charles Leclerc satisfied but not entirely

Stepping onto the podium at Imola è was a thrill for Charles Leclerc, although è the Monegasque himself admits that he dreamed of doing so by climbing on the highest step and not on the one reserved for the third place finisher. Half-satisfaction, therefore, for the Monegasque, who in view of the upcoming engagements nevertheless sees the glass half full.

"I have no particular regrets, becauseé we did everything we had to do,” Leclerc told the microphones of 'Sky Sport' -I think my pace was the most consistent, but the others had a more particular race. In the end Norris had more than me. The improvements of the car? Imola is not è the ideal track to judge them, not even Monaco. Canada will tell; something more.

Shortly before, Leclerc himself had spoken to the microphones of the World Championship organizers at the foot of the podium: "The race pace was good, unfortunately è missed something in qualifying especially in the first straight, we have to try to understand whyé. In any case, I am confident for the next races, I can not wait to go to Monte Carlo, it will be a special event for me, just like Imola".

The one won in Imola è the third podium of the season for Leclerc, who also took third in Saudi Arabia and Miami (the Monegasque also boasts a second place in the Sprint Race in Florida): in the standings è second with 113 points, 48 less than the leader, Max Verstappen.

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