Thiago Motta, Bologna tries to armor him up

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Fenucci’s words

Bologna CEO Claudio Fenucci spoke on the sidelines of the "Il calciomercato al tempo dell’intelligenza artificiale" event about the future of Thiago Motta. "I would like to tie him to a chair but it è not easy. Tomorrow or the day after tomorrow we will talk with him about the future and see what he will tell us. Our desire would be to continue together, we will see".

"We hope it can remain a red-and-blue film. As with all the players we have who are being approached by other clubs. In reality; we have such a strong shareholder that will allow us to continue without selling anyone and we will try to keep them all. The only one who è arbiter of his destiny è Zikzee who has clauses but whom we will try in the coming weeks to retain".

"We have a game and a third place to win. I arrived 10 years ago and we were in Serie B, our work led us to an unthinkable result, no one would have predicted the Champions League. Improving will be difficult, but we want to maintain our strong presence in Italian soccer. We have a shareholder who allows us to invest, so there are all the prerequisites to be able to move forward. My path è has been long and my relationship with the press has è evolved over time".

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