Vincenzo Italiano wants to dispel the final taboo

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The words of Vincenzo Italiano

Vincenzo Italiano, Fiorentina coach, spoke at the UEFA Media Day ahead of the May 29 Conference League final against Olympiacos. "The week è particular because we are also looking for the concentration we need for tomorrow against Cagliari".

"We still have to score points for the standings – stressed the purple coach – . Clearly, this day è dedicated to Athens and we will also talk about that. We are again in the finals, another fantastic path in Europe for what we have proposed and the difficulties encountered. To have another chance to raise a trophy è a pride for everyone. To reiterate, we now have Cagliari. When the referee blows the whistle our full attention will go to this other engagement. We know what we are up against and we will be ready".

Closing remark on Ranieri: "Tomorrow we will be the", the last opponents of a long and resounding career. Great person and great coach, esteemed by all, tomorrow will beò happy to be featured in his last and to be able to say goodbye to him. We talked with the boys about what Atalanta did, going to Lecce to have a great match to secure the ranking. This awaits us, we need points to armor the 8° place and still have Fiorentina participate in a cup. Tomorrow we focus totally on the championship, we cannot abandon it. The final gives us the opportunity to stay focused and attentive, we cannot pull the plug: in Cagliari we will have to play a real game".

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