Sinner overtakes: ahead 2-1 over Moutet

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Sinner overtakes: ahead 2-1 over Moutet

Jannik Sinner è ahead 2 sets to 1 against Frenchman Corentin Moutet in the match valid for the third round of Roland Garros: after a horror first set, lost 6-2, the Blue è finally got into the match, winning 6-3 the second partial and 6-2 the third, steering the challenge in his favor after a very complicated start. 

The South Tyrolean tennis player è in fact got off to a very bad start in the first set, immediately suffering a break, and then committing a series of errors that allowed his opponent to repeat. Moutet, world number 79, broke the world number two again in the third and fifth set to the delight of the crowd thronging the Chatrier stands, almost in disbelief at the departure of their favorite.  Sinner, in total blackout, gave the first signs of awakening in the sixth game, when è managed to recover a break, but then still surrendered 6-2: è the first set lost in the tournament by Jannik.

The second set also did not è start well, with the Frenchman’s new break still disorienting the Blue with his game with many variations and bunts. But Sinner immediately hit the counterbreak in the second game, and then regained the solidity of his serve. Azure regained confidence and è finally entered the match, posting another break in the sixth game and closing 6-3 in the second set.

Moutet in the third partial began to pay for the frantic pace of the first two sets and è dropped, no longer being able to oppose in response to the world number two’s serve and committing a series of fatal errors. Sinner, clearly on the rise, started the set with an immediate break and then led the partial set, closing 6-2, hitting another break in the fifth game.

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