exclusive: Giovanni De Gennaro is not in hiding

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John De Gennaro does not hide

The newly crowned European slalom canoe champion Giovanni De Gennaro spoke to the microphones of on the sidelines of the presentation event of the new partnership between Allianz and the Italian Canoe Kayak Federation, held in Milan in the Allianz Tower Auditorium.

"Let's say it would be the last step for a career that has given me so much satisfaction,” the Italian canoeist stressed ahead of Paris. È the goal, however, is to prepare it as if it were a normal race and not to load oneself with extra expectations or pressure than I already have.

"È a work that starts several years before, so è a long way and è nice when you get closer becauseé you start to feel the atmosphere, you start to feel the heat of this event and certainly as you go on from here on, you will feel more and more; the adrenaline" added the Brescia athlete.

"Sì, I tell you Tokyo, the only regret of the Games è was not having the audience and seeing the empty stands è was something that, especially at that time, impressed me a lot. I hope to be able this time to fully enjoy the Olympic atmosphere, to be able to share this event with the fans and above all to be able to express myself to the fullest and do my best" concluded De Gennaro.

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