Spalletti half-promotes Azzurri: “Little energy, but now we’re getting into European mood”

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Spalletti half-promotes the Azzurri: "Little energy, but now we enter the European climate"

National team coach Luciano Spalletti commented positively on the performance of his Italy team in the friendly match won against Bosnia in Empoli, just a few days before the start of the European Championships: "The match è was good. even if at times we did not always see the right energy and there were back passes that were a bit soft. We created the chances".

" We had some good chances, but everything è was watered down by mistakes that were there, even in circulation. The double play? Fagioli and Jorginho did well: they moved the ball and found good leads. They were seen especially in the first half".

Among the mostù positive were Buongiorno and Scamacca: "Buongiorno also good in marking Scamacca? The goalkeeper took a couple of good balls from him, he exchanged the ball, he è made himself found. His è was a very good try. Chiesa’s position è that one: in Juventus he played behind the point, while we put him on the center-left and give him the opportunity to choose whether to open up on the left or center himself".

In six days there'è Albania, Euro2024 opener: "We did what we had to do. We are convinced that we have a good team and now we have to get into the match atmosphere, the real one. In the last two friendlies we played two different teams to try everyone. Now we have to draw conclusions".

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