Jannik Sinner: according to John McEnroe Carlos Alcaraz has an advantage.

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Jannik Sinner-Carlos Alcaraz: John McEnroe explains what è the difference

American tennis legend John McEnroe in an interview with Eurosport explained what è the difference between Jannik Sinner and Carlos Alcaraz, destined to clash several times over the next few years for the throne of world tennis: "The most important thing about Alcaraz è the smile he always has on court".

"He has that joy of competing that è so hard to get to feel, è hard to enjoy it while at the same time you are stressed. Do you look at Jannik Sinner? Do you think he looked like he was having fun? No, instead Alcaraz è a unique person we will need in this sport for a long time".

According to McEnroe, Alcaraz has even wider margins: "He's my favorite player to watch, the most accomplished young man I&#39ve ever seen play at this age". È hard to imagine that he can continue to improve because he é è already so good at everything. But for me è better than Federer, Nadal and Djokovic at 21 years old".

Alcaraz won his third Slam in Paris after the Us Open and Wimbledon. In the Atp rankings è he is currently in second position behind Blue Jannik Sinner.

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