Ducati, Andrea Dovizioso speaks out on Marc Marquez: “Maybe you don’t realize…”

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Ducati, Andrea Dovizioso speaks out on Marc Marquez: "Perhaps you don’t realize…"

Former Ducati centaur Andrea Dovizioso has had his say on Marc Marquez's arrival in the Borgo Panigale factory team. The rider from Forlì, long Marquez’s most fearsome rival, remarked on what the Catalan rider is doing this season: "I think fans don’t realize how well he is doing", he told "Relevo".

"Making a bike change of this magnitude, on a very different bike than Honda’s… And to be immediately competitive in the first few races… I don’t know if other riders could have done that. I feel people are underestimating that".

"Of Marquez I say that è incredibly strong in many aspects and è it was very difficult to beat him. In my case, for three consecutive years I competed with him at a high level. At some point I found the trump card to win a battle, but not the war. During the season he always ended up finding solutions to finish first".

On Bagnaia: "Pecco è a rational rider, convinced of his ideas. This, a priori, may è represent a limitation. In him, however, it è not. He always creates a path to victory. He has his idea of the weekend, of the ranking, technically he knows what he wants from the bike…. And that rationality; that'having everything clear, makes him win".

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