Euro 2024 record-breaking Croatian Josko Jelicic provokes Serbia

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Jelicic causes

Former Croatian footballer Josko Jelicic provoked Serbia from HRT microphones a few hours before the start of Euro 2024: "I am glad that they are participating in the competition becauseé it will not be boring, especially if they loseé in the first match, as expected".

In his career, Jelicic played only one match with the Croatian national team, on July 5, 1992, during a friendly against Australia. The match, which ended in a 1-0 defeat, saw Jelicic start as a starter.

In the 65º minute, the 1971 class è was thrown out with a direct red card, thus becoming the first player in the history of the Croatian national team to receive an ejection.

Serbia, on Sunday, will face one of the favorites, England: a match at risk because of fears of incidents between opposing factions in and around Gelsenkirchen.


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