Napoli, Victor Osimhen in the balance: Gigi De Canio unbalances on alternative

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De Canio comments on Napoli’s market affairs

While waiting to find out whether Victor Osimhen will stay at Napoli or not, the various names of his possible replacement are being chased, two of which are quite popular: they are Romelu Lukaku, about to return to Chelsea after his loan at Roma, and Samu Omorodion, a striker owned by Atletico Madrid, seen last year at Alaves.

On the two, in particular, he è unbalanced himself at the microphones of 'Radio Kiss Kiss' Gigi De Canio, who knows the Neapolitan environment having coached Napoli in the 2001/02 season. "Conte can è put back any footballer, but I am not stimulated by the idea of Lukaku because he has already given his best,” he said, bluntly. The trust I have in Conte è maximum and I am sure he would put back Lukaku as well. Then Napoli would be better off making an investment of perspective".

An investment that could carry the very name of Omorodion: "I would not be surprised if Napoli took him, on the contrary. I would find it logical and in line with the Napoli dimension, then there'è Conte who gives" certainties from the point of view of enhancing the value of players".

De Canio then talked about other names in the Napoli orbit, such as that of Federico Chiesa and Kim, who some insiders would like to return to the shadow of Vesuvius after his experience at Bayern: "Chiesa will not stay at Juventus and it would be a great fortune for him if Conte agreed to coach him, said De Canio. The return of Kim? I respected him a lot in his season at Napoli, però I am not for return horses. Better than he did he can&#39t do and I think Napoli should look around and build something new".

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