Carlos Sainz is candid about the future and cuts short the Williams hypothesis

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Carlos Sainz makes an admission about the future

During an intervention on the Spanish program "El Hormiguero", Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz è returned to talk about his future, as he è is still without a seat after the announcement of Lewis Hamilton's hiring in his place from 2025. The Spaniard, for his part, wanted to make it clear that there is no shortage of offers.

"I have several options, I decide very soon because I want to get it out of my mind and focus on the rest of the championship with Ferrari. This year I have the car to win races and get on the podium, so I want to focus on the present, then there will be time to think about 2025" began the Ferrari driver.

"I have a lot of possibilities, I am practically on the list of every team that still has a free seat for next year. I could sign tomorrow, but I won&#39t; because I want to take it more easy. Williams è just one of many options for me" added Carlos Sainz.

The Spanish driver, in fact, would end up in the crosshairs of several teams including also Alpine, Racing Bulls, Aston Martin and Audi. However, the former Renaut decided to take some more time before making a final decision to follow the internal situations of the top teams, Red Bull and Mercedes above all.

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