John Elkann pampers Ferrari

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The words of John Elkann

John Elkann, chairman of Ferrari, spoke in an episode of the In good Company podcast about the history of the Cavallino and beyond: "Its roots and racing are very strong. The sports cars it produces are incredible and also the lifestyle is giving so many people opportunities to have Ferrari in their lives, not necessarily owning one of our cars".

"Ferrari means pride in what our country can do and also a demonstration that we are a country of incredible capabilities, ingenuity and competitive spirit even in the racing world,” he added before recalling the latest triumph. We won in Monaco a few weeks ago with Charles Leclerc, who è Monegasque and for the first time won at home. And Monaco è a really important race. They were moments of incredible joy".

Juventuis closing remark: "Soccer è has been a real passion for our family. A responsibility we have had for more than 100 years, a passion we share with the many families who love Juventus. My children were fortunate enough to grow up at a time when Juventus won nine championships in a row so, like my grandfather, they grew up with a Juve that achieved extraordinary results, and because of that they are incredibly passionate about it. Soccer è is about people, competition and great performances, just like our societies;. A football society è made up of people, è made up of competition and resources to try to make the best use of. And because our societiesé aspire to have great results, from high-intensity environments such as those of professional sports, there'è much to learn".

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