Juventus, there is the right key to unlock Douglas Luiz

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L'Aston Villa wants to close by June 30 due to fair play issues

Juventus è is again in the race to bring Douglas Luiz to Turin, the Bianconeri side. In recent days, the negotiation had suffered an abrupt halt because of the no of McKennie, who was absolutely against the move to Aston Villa (he was one of the technical counterparts, along with Iling Jr.).

Giuntoli, the Bianconeri market man, did not è give up and, with continuous work on the flanks, found a way to get the operation back on track. How? By finding a new technical quid pro quo agreeable to the English club that owns Douglas Luiz’s card. The right name è that of Barrenechea, a midfielder who, last year, played on loan at Frosinone.

So, the new formula will be;: to Aston Villa Iling Jr. and Barrenechea in exchange for Brazilian Douglas Luiz. The Villans will also receive a hefty financial settlement, valued at between 15 and 20 million euros.

At this point, it is only waiting to resolve the last issues and thus arrive at the classic white smoke. Aston Villa would be happy to close the deal by June 30, so as to fall within the stakes set by financial fair play. A "hurry" which all benefits Juventus. Barring new unforeseen events, Douglas Luiz è very close to becoming a new player for the Old Lady and, above all, a valuable element for the new Juventus coach Thiago Motta.

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