Collovati (who is right) refuted by Mazzocchi. Then denied by Bonucci

©Getty Images

Rai Gulp

"But who told you that he stopped playing? No he didn’t quit!" Marco Mazzocchi berates Fulvio Collovati live on air. Who apologizes, while being right, being informed about Leonardo Bonucci’s future.

"I would like to know the news. Leo have you stopped playing? " asks the Rai journalist to the’former Juventus and AC Milan footballer, who is back from a tribulated year spent between Germany and Turkey. 

"I don’t know if he has definitely stopped playing, but I dare to say that in this defense of’Italy Leonardo Bonucci would have been very much needed" sentences Paola Ferrari instead.

"Sì, I have already made the’announcement: I quit" confirms Bonucci. "Criticize me, as if I were…" Collovati’s justified side comment.

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