Denzel Dumfries has no doubts about his future

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Denzel Dumfries has no doubts about his future

At the end of the match between Holland and France, Denzel Dumfries, who has a contract with Inter Milan expiring in June 2025, spoke clearly to the microphones of Corriere dello Sport, reiterating his intention to renew with the Nerazzurri company.

"There have been delays for everyone, since we changed owners, but I want to sign,” the Dutch side stressed.

Inter è my home, I feel like family. We talked about it before the European Championship and we will do it again when I return".

The Nerazzurri outfielder had already left little doubt in an interview a few days ago with "It&#39s no secret that I would love to play in the Premier League, I love that league and my style of play suits English soccer. But it&#39s a blessing from God that I can play in Inter where I won six trophies in three years. As already said this è my home and my family è happy in Milan".

"I could never leave Inter just to fulfill a 'dream'. My blood è nerazzurro. I am very close to the whole environment including the warehouse workers and doctors, I really have a great relationship with everyone" concluded Dumfries.

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