Max Verstappen, trio as king of Spain. Ferrari off the podium

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Formula 1, results

Victory as predicted in the Spanish GP for Max Verstappen who despite a false start è managed to impose himself at Montmelò, stretching at the top of the rainbow standings. On the podium at the end were Lando Norris and Lewis Hamilton


George Russell at the start è got off to a great start and taking advantage of a duel between Verstappen and Norris passed both of them on the outside. His leading race did not è però last long, with the Dutchman taking back the first place and from there on he did not è look back.

Badly, instead, the Ferraris, always far from the podium: Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz in the first laps were protagonists of a dangerous wheel-to-wheel, while in the final the Spaniard let pass the Monegasque who had more, but did not è go beyond the fifth place.

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