Ferrari, Spanish media harshly attack Charles Leclerc

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From Spain harsh criticism of Charles Leclerc

After finishing fifth and sixth in the Spanish Gp, the Spanish daily "Marca" bluntly analyzed the slight contact made between Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz in the early stages of the race, pointing the finger at the Monegasque picking up on what è happened in the previous Monza Gp, when the number 16 attemptedò to snatch the podium from his teammate risking the accident.

"The statements made by Leclerc would be useful if he also applied them when the situation è opposite and è him to attack his teammate. It's true that in Maranello they have a very precise policy and often do not let their drivers fight if there's a risk of losing valuable points, but in this case we are talking about a fight for fifth place" began the Iberian portal.

"In addition, past history does not help Charles, since he put at risk a podium finish at Monza in 2023 when he was about to send Sainz out of the race ahead of him and many times he did not obey the orders that were imposed on him by Ferrari" added the Spanish newspaper "Marca".

At the end of the Gp of Spain, Leclerc did not è spare himself towards the actions of his teammate: "The fight was not è correct, but above all not right at that moment, because è we knew we had to manage the tire and while I did Carlos did not è spare himself and overtook me at the end of the straight. There was no need to take such a risk to make the corner as if I wasn&#39t there and in that slight contact he damaged my left front wing, causing me to lose some time".

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