Bautista Agut analyzes Rafael Nadal’s chances at Wimbledon

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Bautista Agut and Nadal’s chances at Wimbledon.

Spanish tennis player Roberto Bautista Agut, interviewed at the microphones of Eurosport, wanted to dwell on what compatriot Rafael Nadal, winner of the Australian Open and Roland Garros, has done since the beginning of the season.

The Atp ranking number 20, currently playing in the Mallorca Open, believes the Manacor left-hander can also be among the favorites at Wimbledon, where he has not won since back in 2010: “Rafael Nadal is a candidate for victory in every tournament he plays.”

“Rafa is no longer very young and has put a lot of strain on his body in the last 15 years, so it’s normal that he has to deal with pain. We are talking about a player who has exceeded his canonical limits,” Bautista Agut continued.

Finally, the Iberian specified what Nadal’s great strength has been in all these years of a luminous career: “He is the one who has shown the greatest ability to sacrifice to overcome difficult moments.”

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