F1, Ferrari and Red Bull in the crosshairs: George Russell’s attack

©Getty Images

Pilots “inattentive to safety”: colleague’s word.

Since the Baku Grand Prix there has been no shortage of controversy regarding porpoising, with complaints from Mercedes, intervention by the FIA, and a response from Ferrari and Red Bull. And precisely in relation to the latter, meanwhile, George Russell, who from 2021 will represent Formula 1 drivers as director of their union: the GPDA, has intervened.

“Among the different racing teams and drivers there are many opposing interests in the field,” the Mercedes driver noted, as can be read in ‘Motorsportweek.’ At times even Carlos Sainz, Checo Perez and Max Verstappen remarked at the beginning of the season how many problems porpoising gives. Now, however, they’re going strong, and they don’t seem to want any more modifications. Because, of course, they could affect their good performance on the track.”

“In this sport we all live by competition and aim for success. But to see someone put performance ahead of safety is a shame. We cannot jeopardize our health in the face of this,” Russell then thundered.

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