Monza-Resegone returns: kickoff Saturday at 9 p.m.

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Monza-Resegone returns

There is great trepidation for the highly anticipated start of the Monza-Resegone, the renowned running race that after a two-year stop due to covid is finally ready to amaze its fans again. A historic competition, now in its 60th edition and therefore more eagerly awaited than ever.

Compared to 1924, when just 12 teams competed, many things have changed. The number of athletes has increased and even the uniforms have evolved, but what has not changed is the spirit of the sporting event, as well as the beauty and magic of the landscapes that
accompany the runners along the entire route.

On Saturday, June 25, 9 p.m., the race will officially begin in Piazza Roma, Monza, where the 166 teams of three runners each will start at regular intervals to test their strength, endurance and tenacity in a unique competition.

A race that takes place at night, starting on Saturday evening in downtown Monza and ending in the night on Mount Resegone, and composed of trios of athletes ready to share fatigue and joy with their teammates. This is what makes the Monza-Resegone the queen of races

Responsibility to the team, a spirit of sacrifice and a sense of freedom will propel the runners for 42 kilometers until they reach Rifugio Capanna Monza, a place that again this year will mark the finish line to join the ranks of athletes and
athletes who in the 60-year history of the Monza-Resegone have competed on the same course.

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