Not just top hits, Inter expects 100 million from disposals

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Milan Skriniar will not be the only departure with which to cash in.

Already the protaginist of a bursting inbound market – Kristjan Asllani from Empoli, Raoul Bellanova from Cagliari and Henrikh Mkhitaryan from Roma have practically already arrived – Inter is waiting to announce Romelu Lukaku’s big return. And in the meantime, it continues to work on the flanks Paulo Dybala and his entourage to complete a sci-fi attack. But what happened to budgetary requirements and prudent investment? There is the flip side of the coin, represented by some departures-even excellent ones-that will have to be authorized.

PSG’s pressing on Milan Skriniar is constant and determined: after an initial offer of 50 million, returned to sender, the transalpine club is on the verge of putting 70 million on the plate to wrest the yes from Marotta. The Slovakian defender has already reached a financial agreement with ds Luis Campos for a five-year deal worth 7.7 million net annually plus bonuses.

However, the Nerazzurri coffers could be replenished shortly by three other disposals. the most lucrative will be that of Andrea Pinamonti, valued at 18 million and destined for Atalanta, which has already made exploratory probes. To finish, here is the outright departure of two players returning to Appiano after experiences on loan: they are Henrique Dalbert, who is liked by Nice, and Valentino Lazaro, who has admirers in Italy as well, with which the Milanese club counts to raise about 12 million.

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