Paul Banchero in NBA, Dan Peterson shuts down enthusiasm

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The former Olimpia Milano coach is also skeptical about his landing on the national team.

Sixteen years after Andrea Bargnani-who was chosen number one by the Toronto Raptors-Italian basketball records the exploit of Paolo Banchero, who after only one year of college took the satisfaction of being called with the first overall pick in the Draft by the Orlando Magic. The very fact of having accumulated little experience, however, could be one of the Achilles’ heels of the Seattle native, who will now have everyone’s eyes on him. Expectations are high, as Dan Peterson reminds us in his editorial for La Gazzetta dello Sport: it will not be easy at all to impose himself.

“I have to be realistic: I don’t know how ready he is to play in the NBA. In his freshman year he will have to suffer through more mature opponents who will test his defense. At 19 years old, that’s normal. Because he enters the big league as a “one and done,” that is, with only one year of college behind him. He has everything to become a complete player however it must be said that the “one and done” has destroyed the NBA and players anticipating the debut in the League will have to prove all their value to accredit themselves,” the former coach began.

Skepticism is also not lacking when it comes to talk about the Italian national team: “Banchero has said more than once that he is looking forward to playing for Italy. I say: it’s a big decision! Are you really sure about that? I am like St. Thomas: I will believe in Banchero in the blue jersey only when I see him with my own eyes. Of course, I will be happy if he disproves my doubts and skepticism,” he concluded.

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