Marc Marquez and Honda, Puig sulks: “What they say in Italy…”

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Team principal Puig on rumors of possible arrival of Davide Brivio: “They do not affect me.”

Honda team principal Alberto Puig preferred to gloss over rumors whispering about a possible arrival of Davide Brivio in HRC: “It is not a matter that concerns me. I am concerned that the bike is not working. This is what worries me. For me what the Italians say is not a problem, and not only the Italians, the Spanish or whoever. It’s not an issue that concerns me to the level to condition me,” are the words released to Radio Marca.

The team is in full crisis: “We are not getting the results we are used to and that Honda fans would like to see, we are not going to our level.”

Marc Marquez, now stationary, also complained about the new bike: “He’s a rider who enters corners very strongly. This bike was made with a different concept, with a little more weight in the rear, so you have more ‘grip,’ and we will probably say that the balance is still not balanced right now. Maybe that corner entry affects the performance of the bike. The goal of this team is to win the championship, not the races. Let’s think about next year and having a bike from day one that is competitive.”

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