Fiorentina, Torreira’s harsh retort to Pradè’s words

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Back-and-forth between the executive and the footballer

The failure to redeem from Arsenal and the purchase of Rolando Mandragora have closed Fiorentina’s doors to Lucas Torreira, the Uruguayan midfielder who has just returned from a more than decent season at the purple club.

Fiorentina sporting director Daniele Pradè spoke bluntly about the now former Gigliato player at the season’s presentation press conference on Tuesday at the Stadio Artemio Franchi: “Regarding Torreira there were disagreements about our contract proposal, but in the end we took Mandragora instead, we know that he will do very well and that he can give us more solutions at the tactical level. In addition, he is a top player at the behavioral level.”

Words that did not please the South American footballer at all, who retorted on Instagram with a photo of a jubilation of him in a purple jersey, two emoji that were anything but conciliatory (one with his finger on his face as if to ask for silence, the other representing a clown) and the phrase, “Sometimes it is better to talk on the field.”

In the next ‘Instagram story’, Torreira then posted a photo of a view of Florence, accompanied with the words “I’ll be back soon.”

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