Charles De Ketelaere, from Bruges the clue that gives Milan hope

©Getty Images

A clue warms Rossoneri hearts.

Among Milan’s main market targets in recent days the name of Charles De Ketelaere, a 21-year-old trequartista jewel of Bruges and whom the Rossoneri management is treating with increasing conviction. Well, the Belgian club itself has made a decision that seems to smile at the Diavolo.

If in fact Milan has already met the agent of the coveted De Ketelaere and seems willing to invest for the player something like 30 million euros, Bruges continues its pre-season preparation. But in the friendly against Copenhagen they decided not to send their little jewel on the field.

To be precise, De Ketelaere not only did not play even one of his teammates’ 120 minutes against the Danish outfit, but he did not even warm up with the rest of the team. Instead, for the entire duration of the match he never left the bench, thus giving the feeling of being available but not draftable in view of a possible change of jersey. Exactly what Milan currently sees in the front line.

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