Ferrari, Mekies approves of infighting: “No control, but Sunday…”

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The technical director: “We have two competitive pilots.”

Ferrari technical director Laurent Mekies commented on the internal struggle between Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz in the Sprint Race of the Austrian Grand Prix, “There are always positive and negative aspects. The positive thing is that we have two drivers who are competitive and could keep a good pace.”

“You can’t control the first lap, they passed each other on a couple of occasions and then we got into a dynamic where Leclerc was saving the tire and so we will see with the drivers for Sunday.”

On race pace: “We saw the cars very close to Verstappen, it’s good thinking about tomorrow. We had the same pace more or less. The race will be longer, it will not be played out over 100 kilometers and we know we have the pace to fight.”

“We are in a position to fight, tomorrow it will be two against two – Mekies’ words -: we need our two strong cars, it is doable, it will be tough but we are here for that. The car is competitive again on this circuit, it will be played to the thousandth.”

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