Rafa Nadal returns to Spain: first words after Wimbledon

©Getty Images

A bitter, but head-on homecoming.

Rafa Nadal has returned to Spain after his decision to forfeit his Wimbledon semifinal match against Nick Kyrgios. And to Iberian journalists at the airport as he disembarked, the Majorcan star told of his feelings.

“As is always the case in these cases, the only thing you can do is look forward. All you can do is accept the situation and keep a positive spirit,” Nadal explained. Who then vindicated his decision, “In the conditions I’m in, winning two matches would have been impossible for me. I was not even able to serve.”

Nadal had to surrender to a 7-millimeter tear in his abdominal muscle, which prompted him to take no risks by staying on the scoreboard at Wimbledon. During 2022 he had already won two Slams, putting the Australian Open and Roland Garros in his personal trophy cabinet.

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