Inter, money is sought to pull off Paulo Dybala coup

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The Nerazzurri club would still not give up on the Joya

Despite Marotta’s words, Inter would not yet have given up hope of gifting themselves Dybala as well. The strategy would be clear: first get rid of heavy signings and then possibly think about the Dybala coup.

Having said goodbye to Vidal (Flamengo), Inter would also be close to “getting rid” of Sanchez (seven million euro per season salary). The Chilean could also end up at Flamengo. Then watch out for Pinamonti who is a certain treasure (in the running Atalanta and Monza). Thanks to these exits, Inter would have the economic strength to go knocking on the Joya’s door and try the big blow. The only problem: timing. The former Juventus star seems tired of waiting.

If Inter really wants Dybala, it must move quickly also because other clubs dream of having the ex-Juventus Argentine on their roster (Manchester United in primis).

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