Francesco Totti separates from Ilary Blasi: “I tried to overcome the crisis”

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After Ilary Blasi, former Roma captain Totti also made his farewell official: “It was no longer avoidable, I will protect our children.”

Francesco Totti issued a note shortly after Ilary Blasi’s, announcing the end of their marriage: “After 20 years together, my relationship with Ilary has unfortunately ended. Everything I have said and done in recent months has been said and done to protect our children, who are and will always be the top priority in my life.”

Francesco Totti and Ilary Blasi: photos of a long ended romance

“I tried to overcome the crisis in my marriage, but today I understand that the choice of separation, although painful, is no longer avoidable,” the former Roma captain’s words to Ansa. “I will continue to be united with Ilary in raising our wonderful three children, always with great respect for my wife. The path of our separation will remain strictly private for me and therefore I will not make any other statements. I trust in the utmost respect for our confidentiality and privacy especially for the serenity of our three children. Thank you.”

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