Benoit Paire drama: “I’m anxious and panicking.”

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Trouble for Benoit Paire

During the interview granted to Brut, Benoit Paire told about the difficult moment he is going through: “Before I was fine even without training, I enjoyed the moments of stress, of adrenaline, but now it is more complicated. I am anxious and I panic.”

“From the beginning of the year I had to struggle with my mind. I think after Covid there have not been many moments when I felt very happy. I am quite sensitive and emotional, so everything that happened affected and hurt me more than others. The hard thing is not knowing when you heal and it may take a long time. I realized that I need help. I am now undergoing therapy with a psychologist and a mental coach to try to understand what is happening to me. So far it hasn’t worked but this is just the beginning, I need several sessions. I need to get out of this.”

Social hatred has further aggravated the situation: “I am a person who likes to read all the messages sent to me but you have to know that even when you win you get a lot of negative messages. It’s not that easy to deal with every day. When you’re not doing well, it’s even worse to receive messages from haters or gamblers who lost money because of your defeat.”

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