Urbano Cairo freezes out Gleison Bremer’s suitors

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Urbano Cairo freezes out Gleison Bremer’s suitors

On the sidelines of La7’s schedule presentation, Urbano Cairo spoke about Gleison Bremer. The central player will most likely leave Torino but a suitable offer has not yet arrived according to the Granata president.

“Is there a fair price for Bremer? There is, but I don’t think it’s fair to say. I am on very good terms with his agent and I have spoken with him well. Casadei as a quid pro quo from Inter? I know he is a promising young man, but I don’t know him well.”

“The player is an extraordinary young man, I told him that the moment a suitable offer arrived I would sell him. But everything is relative, because if I hear talk of 70 million for Skriniar I think Bremer is worth more than the figures that are circulating. My goal is to please him and I will, because in any case only top teams will be able to afford him,” Cairo concluded.

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