Mercedes, tensions rise between Lewis Hamilton and George Russell

©Getty Images

Mercedes manager Toto wolff: “Tempers run hot but that’s okay.”

Mercedes manager Toto Wolff admitted after the Austrian GP that the temperature in the German team’s pit box between Lewis Hamilton and George Russell was rising: “Although sometimes the competition between the two may get heated, because it is heated and we have allowed it to be that way, the spirit will always be right. Nothing malicious, nothing underhanded. That’s what is currently going on between the two. I’m sure behind closed doors there will be discussions, but that’s what you expect from pilots.”

The moment in Mercedes is delicate after a non-positive first part of the season: “Both of them are very good because I think they have understood that right now the number one enemy is a car that doesn’t work as it should. We have to get there, but of course we are dealing with very special personalities, characters and mentalities,” the words to Sky Uk. After a start to the season in Russell’s favor, Hamilton’s last three consecutive podiums have allowed the seven-time world champion to move within 19 points of his teammate in the overall standings.

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