Milan, the answer to Inter and Juve is called Charles De Ketelaere

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Maldini-Massara duo prefers young hopefuls to established champions

Milan has decided: for the role of trequartista the right name is De Ketelaere. Exploded with the Club Brugge jersey, he is a talented but still maturing 2001-class left-back. The Diavolo, in order to have him, has raised its offer to almost 30 million euros (the Belgian club would ask for 35 million).

A decidedly different approach to the market, on the part of the Rossoneri club, than that of clubs like Inter and Juventus. To the various Lukaku, Pogba and Di Maria, all already super-established champions, the Maldini-Massara duo intends to respond with targeted and, above all, young purchases. De Ketelaere is a prime example of the market strategy of the reigning Italian champions.

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