F1, Max Verstappen’s mom reveals, “Mentally exhausted”

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Max Verstappen’s mother tells a backstory after the Dutch driver’s rainbow victory

Max Verstappen torn after his triumph in the 2021 Formula 1 World Championship,which came after the thrilling finale in Abu Dhabi: his mother Sophie Kumpen told the backstory in an interview published by Heroes magazine. “He came to my house a few days later and was completely fed up. He was mentally exhausted and all he wanted to do was be home,” revealed Sophie, a former Kart driver.

“I made his favorite dishes and we enjoyed a few quiet days together to recover. His critics often say that Max is an aggressive driver and therefore an aggressive person as well. I find it strange, if you know Max, you know he has a big heart and likes to be good to others. But when you put on the helmet, you become a completely different person.”

Max always makes time for fans: “He really loves the kids and always makes time for them. It’s important to give them time, young or old, it’s a great honor.”

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