Two options for Joseph Caso

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Two Options by Case

Last season at Cosenza, Giuseppe Caso is owned by Genoa but is unlikely to remain with the Rossoblù team.

For the footballer from Campania there is no shortage of proposals, in particular there is talk of Vicenza, which Caso has among other things faced in the salvation playoff.

There would also be an alternative in the cadetteria, with Frosinone keeping the situation monitored and which could be preferred to the biancorossi only for a matter of category.

The first few days of Serie A will see the incoming and outgoing soccer market still in the limelight although the matches have already begun: in August, in fact, as many as four rounds will be played, since the calendar has been largely conditioned by the World Cup to be staged in Qatar. And which, as we all know, will unfortunately not see the Italian national team at the start, having failed to qualify for the review for the second time in a row

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