F1, Nico Rosberg does not trust Charles Leclerc and Max Verstappen

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He won the 2016 title against Lewis Hamilton

Nico Rosberg knows this well. Formula 1 title fights at some point are no longer clean and accidents can happen between the two challengers. As happened to him and Lewis Hamilton and as happened between the Englishman and Max Verstappen last year.

The 2016 world champion is convinced that it will happen again this season between the Red Bull driver and Ferrarista Charles Leclerc: “Their harmony surprises me so much, because they have often gone wheel to wheel,” Rosberg told Sky Uk. “There has never been an argument and this is a huge surprise. I would bet my house that it won’t last the whole season.”

“Considering all the times they’ve already fought wheel-to-wheel, there’s bound to come a time when there will be a wheel spin or some kind of incident,” Rosberg added. “As a fan I’m definitely looking forward to even more heated tempers. But I’m sure it will happen soon.”

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