Tragedy in Cagliari, 20-year-old dies while playing soccer

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Tragedy in Cagliari

A tragedy has struck Cagliari and the whole of Sardinia in the past few hours: Andrea Musiu, just 20 years old, has died. The young man was playing soccer with some friends on a field in Sant’Elia, a stone’s throw from the stadium where Cagliari plays, when he collapsed to the ground. Timely 118 emergency services responded, but they were unable to save him.

Musiu had grown up in the youth ranks of Cagliari, which wanted to remember him this way on social media: “Cagliari Calcio mourns the tragic death of Andrea Musiu, who died on a soccer field at just 20 years old. The whole club, deeply shaken by the news, huddles around his family and friends. Rest in peace.”

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