F1, Ferrari: Charles Leclerc makes no excuses

©Getty Images

The Ferrarista is -63 from Max Verstappen

The serious mistake when he was leading at the French GP still hurts. But for Charles Leclerc, the time has come to look ahead and aim for the maximum already in the Budapest race.

These are the words of the Monegasque on Thursday’s Hungarian GP: “Brooding over my mistake is useless. I made a mistake, it cost me a lot of points and I am aware of it – so Leclerc – I hate to make excuses and say ‘It was the wind, it was a bird, it was this or that’. I’m the one driving the car and I’m the one making the mistake, I take full responsibility for it.”

“Now I just have to look ahead, focus on this weekend to try to get the best possible result and try to win this race. I think we will have a fast car,” the Ferrarista added. “So I hope we can turn things around this weekend. The goal remains to become world champion. I will believe in it until the end.”

With ten races to go in the 2022 World Championship, Leclerc now sits second in the standings 63 points behind Max Verstappen. Ferrari, on the other hand, has to make up 82 points from Red Bull.

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