F1 Mercedes: George Russell broadsides Ferrari and Red Bull

©Getty Images

George Russell on Ferrari and Red Bull: “We complied with regulations, they less so.”

The Fia’s decision to change the Formula 1 regulations in 2023 to solve the porpoising problem continues to cause debate. Mercedes driver George Russell in an interview with Sky defended himself against accusations by Ferrari and Red Bull, going on the counterattack.

“Ferrari and Red Bull have exceeded the limits of the regulations, that is clear and there is no doubt about it,” said the British driver. “We have complied with the regulations, as expected. Of course, we have no guarantee that this regulation will bring us closer to them, but we know that their cars will be slower if they were to apply it. Every car is different, but this change will not help Red Bull and Ferrari in any way. At the beginning of the season we had a delay of almost a minute from the race winner, while in the last two races we have come to ten seconds, we will soon be in contention.”

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