Maximiano’s duck, Maurizio Sarri: “It’s useless to talk to him.”

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Lazio, Maurizio Sarri comments on Maximiano’s bad mistake this way

Lazio managed to win against Bologna 2-1. Of note was Maximiano’s sending off after five minutes: the goalkeeper picked up the ball with his hands, too bad it was outside the area.

Maurizio Sarri in the press conference commented on the incident this way, “Useless to talk to him at this moment. He apologized to everyone. I don’t know if he didn’t realize, probably a more experienced goalkeeper doesn’t pose the problem and kicks away. It’s a mistake, like the midfielder who stops the ball at 4 meters and has it stolen, you have to accept it. It’s not like future choices will be made based on the single mistake.”

“The game was difficult, it seemed like the classic game where every single episode goes against you. My big concern was playing in this climate for 90 minutes in a numerical inferiority. I am satisfied with the physical tightness, the tactical application, since we had to play a whole different game than what we prepared, and I am also happy with the character aspect.”

“Cancellieri is on a path to try to be able to play as a fullback, you can’t ask him for everything right away. If he gets into a situation like tonight he does well even as a center forward. With closed teams, on the other hand, he still has to grow to play there in the middle. On a movement level, though, he has innate depth attack. Let’s work him well first, then decide,” he concluded.

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